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Anmeldung: How to register your address in Germany?

Every year there are more and more internationals coming to Germany. This blog post is to help you with how to do Anmeldung in Germany and the bureaucratic process of getting an appointment at Bürgeramt (fast).
This process is usually needed if you want to get a visa, opening a bank account, registering internet for your flat, etc. The problem is that not all foreigners speak German well enough to understand what they need to do when they show up at this office. And this blog post will cover how you can get a city registration appointment easily and relatively fast.

Anmeldung meaning –  It means registering your address with the local authorities in Germany. You will hear this word Anmeldung a lot in your expats social circle, especially when you hunt for an apartment, you will be asking a lot of times “Can I do Anmeldung here?”.

What’s next after you sign a rental contract for an apartment that allows you to do Anmeldung? Get an appointment at Bürgeramt asap.

It depends on your luck how long it takes to get an appointment with Bürgeramt to register your address. Therefore, when you finally get one, you probably do not want to miss any document and have to go there again. After all, we all know how difficult it is to get an appointment there. So here we have a list of anmeldung documents that you should bring along:

  1. Proof of identity
  2. Registration form
  3. Statement of identity
  4. Confirmation from the landlord
  5. Rental contract

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  1. Proof of identity 

The passport is the best. According to, proof of identity also includes a children’s passport for German citizens or a national passport or passport substitute papers for foreign citizens. In case for some reason you really do not have your passport with you, bring your identity card. 

  1. Registration form

Please fill it in before you go there, and do not expect the staff there to show you how to fill the form. If you have problems filling in the form, you can book a local person to help you with it. [choose: Fill in some forms (short)]

You can also check this link for the english translation of the form!

  1. Statement of identity 

For example, a marriage certificate or birth certificate. It may be required for your first registration when you register also for your family members. Please bring all the related documents with you as a precaution.

  1. Confirmation from the landlord

Your landlord should provide you with this confirmation when you rent the apartment. Of course, you can also send them the form so that the process is more efficient, as you do not want to risk not having this document before your appointment. 

If it is the main tenant who sublets you the apartment/ room, get this confirmation from the main tenant, but the name of the owner has to be on the confirmation as well. Remember, Anmeldung without Wohnungsgeberbestaetigung (landlord’s confirmation) is not possible in Germany!


  1. Rental contract

The standard rental contract should contain important information like the rental duration, how much rent per month, the address, and the names of the landlord and the tenant. In case you have a sublet contract from the main tenant, then you have to bring this contract with you to the appointment. A rental contract or a sublet contract does not replace the confirmation from the landlord (#4). 

Some cities also allow Anmeldung without contract but they still require the landlord’s confirmation!

What should I bring to register the address when I have bought an apartment and moved in?

In case you are the landlord and live in your own apartment, you will need the first three of the above documents and the notarized purchase contract and a copy that shows your name on the “Grundbuch”. You should have all these documents from your notary after you bought the apartment. 

Another very important point to remember is that all the family members should show up at the appointment for the registration process on the first time after coming from abroad!

Just remember to bring as much document as you possibly can when doing the Anmeldung. You do not want to miss out anything and go through the process again. Also, make sure you register on time because late Anmeldung in Germany can lead to fines!

Good luck at Bürgeramt!

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