How to get an appointment in Bürgeramt fast and easy

How to get an appointment in Bürgeramt (fast)?

You finally found an apartment in Berlin but now you are wondering how to register your apartment (Anmeldung) in Bürgeramt as quickly as possible? Without doing so, you may not be able to open a bank account, sign up for internet for your apartment, etc.

The fastest way to book an appointment in Bürgeramt is over their Website:

Alternatively, you can subscribe to Booka Local’s email notification. When the team spots an available spot on Bürgeramt’s website, you will get notified. It may not be as good as refreshing the website every 5 mins like a robot, but at least you can sit back and enjoy your life.

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On the website of Bürgeramt, you can pick one of the options:  

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In the next step, you can pick the location of your nearby Bürgeramt, if you instead chose Termin berlinweit suchen und buchen you will see available appointments in all the Bürgerämter in Berlin, which will increase your chances to find an appointment as soon as. It is not mandatory that you register in the Bürgeramt in the same district where you live.

Our recommendation: Check the Booking Website at 8 in the morning, as oftentimes some appointments are canceled, the chances to get fast appointments are higher when booking right when the Bürgeramt opens.

Urgent Cases: If your Passport/ ID is expiring soon or you have other reasons to believe your appointment is extremely urgent you can call the Bürgertelefon (030) 115. The officials can provide appointments that don’t show up on the booking page, which are only given to urgent cases.

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