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An English internship in Germany is one of the most enriching and exciting ways for you to gain work experience and learn a new language. It is also an opportunity for you to work, learn, network and gain experience that will shape your career.

If you’re not sure how to find a suitable internship in Germany, you’ve come to the right place. In this article you will learn useful tips on how to find an English internship in Germany.

Tips for finding English internships in Germany 

Step 1: Before you start looking for an English internship, you should define your goals. 

It is important to assess your needs for an English speaking internship. It is best to be clear about what steps you want to take and how you can advance your career goals. Then, match your requirements to your knowledge and desired skills. Some of the questions that can help you determine your internship goals are:

– What skills and qualifications do I need?

– What industry do I want to learn about?

– What do I expect from an internship abroad? 

Step 2: Determine the English internship conditions. 

Student jobs in Germany are possible in many fields. Therefore, it is important to clarify the requirements for the internship. As an intern, you will be communicating regularly with co-workers or customers. Therefore, English language skills are an explicit requirement. Other internship requirements you should consider are: 

– What is the minimum length of the internship?

– What compensation do I expect for an internship?

– Do I want to do a voluntary or a mandatory internship?   

Step 3: Online English internship search

Depending on your goals and internship requirements, you can start looking for an internship. Some valuable tips are: 

– Apply through the company’s homepage: you can search for available internships on the company’s career site.  

– Online English Internship portals: there are many online portals that help international students find internships. These include CulturalVistas, Henkel conneticum, Jobbörse, stellenwerk, meinpraktikum.de and Stepstone

– Network on social media platforms: Many employers have a wide selection of internships to offer. It is also possible to narrow down your own area of interest for an internship position.  

– Network: In most cases, many international students get the best internships through friends, acquaintances and family. You can also volunteer as a student ambassador with Booka local which can offer you an internship later, in which you can be connected to local and international companies in Germany. 

Step 4: Evaluate the English internship opportunity.

The information on the job posting page will provide you with relevant insights into the internship position. However, a good internship ad should be detailed and focus on the tasks you will perform during the internship. Take a close look at the tasks and see if they match your expectations.    

Step 5: Apply professionally. 

You have invested a lot of time to find a suitable internship position in Germany; now it is time to apply. Here are some things to keep in mind: 

– Your document should include a CV in table form, a cover letter and attachments (e.g. certificates and references).

– Make sure your documents are proofread and contain clear wording. 

– Before emailing or uploading them, print them out and carefully check that the text is coherent. 

In summary, finding an English internship can be challenging and time-consuming. But it can lead to future benefits, such as job opportunities in Germany and more knowledge about the industry. 

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