Dealing with Homesickness: Coping Strategies for International Parents and Their Children in Germany

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Moving to a new country can be an exciting adventure, but it can also be a difficult and emotional experience, especially when it comes to homesickness. Homesickness is a common experience for international parents and their children in Germany, as they may miss their family, friends, and the familiarity of their home country. In this blog post, we will discuss some coping strategies for international parents and their children to deal with homesickness while living in Germany. We will also talk about how Booka Local, an online platform providing translation services to expats, can help you integrate better in Germany.

Acknowledge and Validate Feelings

The first step in coping with homesickness is to acknowledge and validate your feelings. It’s okay to miss your home country and your loved ones, and it’s important to let yourself feel these emotions. Encourage your child to express their feelings and reassure them that it’s okay to feel homesick.

Stay Connected with Family and Friends

Back home Staying connected with family and friends back home is crucial for coping with homesickness. Make sure you schedule regular video calls, write letters, and send care packages to stay connected with loved ones. This will give you a sense of familiarity and provide a reminder of your home country.

Create a Comforting Environment

Creating a comforting environment can help alleviate feelings of homesickness. This can include decorating your home with familiar items, such as photos and artwork from your home country, cooking familiar meals, or listening to music from back home. This will help you feel more comfortable and provide a sense of familiarity.

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Explore Your New Home Country

Exploring your new home country is an excellent way to combat homesickness. Take the time to explore the local area, try new foods, and immerse yourself in German culture. Encourage your child to join in and participate in new experiences, such as visiting local museums or attending festivals.

Build a Support System

Building a support system is essential for coping with homesickness. Reach out to local expat groups or online forums where you can connect with other families who are going through similar experiences. This will give you a network of support, and your child can make friends with other expat children, which can be very helpful for them.

In conclusion, dealing with homesickness is a common experience for international parents and their children in Germany. However, with the right coping strategies, it’s possible to manage and overcome these feelings. Acknowledge and validate your feelings, stay connected with family and friends back home, create a comforting environment, explore your new home country, and build a support system. Remember that homesickness is a natural feeling, and with time and effort, it will become easier to manage.

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