Choosing The Right Kita In Germany

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If you’re a parent in Germany, choosing a Kita (short for Kindertagesstätte or daycare center) to register your child in is an essential choice. It can be difficult to pick the perfect Kita, especially for foreigners who may not be familiar with the German educational system. We’ll go through some of the most important things to take into account while choosing the right Kita in Germany in this blog post.


The location is among the first factors to take into account while selecting a school. Do you prefer a Kita that is close to your place of residence or work? Are there any choices for public transportation? Do you favor a Kita in a specific location or neighborhood? All of these things need to be taken into account, especially if you have to drop your child off and pick him or her up every day.

Type of Kita

Kitas come in a variety of forms, including both public and private ones, in Germany. Public Kitas are primarily operated by the local government and are frequently less expensive than private Kitas. On the other hand, private Kitas could provide more flexible schedules, more individualized programs, and smaller class sizes. To find out which kind of Kita is best for your family, it’s vital to investigate the various possibilities that are available in your neighborhood.

Staff and Curriculum

The staff and curriculum are important considerations while choose a Kita. Are the instructors competent and trained? What kind of education and child development does the Kita follow? Do they have any unique programs, such as outdoor education or language immersion? To understand the general strategy and philosophy, it’s crucial to visit the School and speak with the staff.

Facilities and Amenities

Your choice may also be influenced by the amenities and services provided by the Kita. What are the classrooms’ sizes and layout? Is there a garden or playground outside? Are there any additional features that your youngster would enjoy, such music or art rooms? Even while they might not be as significant as other factors, these can impact how your child feels about the Kita in general.

Cost and Availability

Finally, it’s critical to take into account the Kita’s price and accessibility. While some Kitas could have lengthy waiting lists or constrained hours, others might be more accommodating. The cost, including any additional fees or possible subsidies, should also be taken into account. In some circumstances, choosing a Kita that is farther away from your house or work place may be more cost-effective, especially if it provides more cheap options.

Provision of Food

If your kids cannot eat certain food like some particular meats, because of religion or any other reason, it is important to discuss it with the Kita during your first meeting. This is very important so that later the Kita does not insist on offering the foods that your kids cannot eat to them and allow them to choose for themselves.

In conclusion, choosing the right Kita in Germany necessitates careful consideration of a number of aspects, including location, kind of Kita, staff and curriculum, facilities and amenities, cost and availability and the provision of food. You can select the ideal Kita for your child and family by conducting research and personally visiting various Kitas.

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