Bird Watching Locations in and Near Berlin: A Feathered Paradise

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Berlin, the vibrant and culturally rich German capital, is not just a haven for art and history enthusiasts but also a paradise for bird watchers. With its diverse landscapes and ecosystems, the city and its surroundings offer numerous bird-watching opportunities. If you’re a birding enthusiast, pack your binoculars, and get ready to explore these avian hotspots.

1. Tempelhofer Feld: Urban Birding at Its Best

Tempelhofer Feld, a former airport turned public park, is an urban oasis for bird watchers. The vast open space attracts various bird species, from sparrows and finches to kestrels and falcons. Keep an eye out for migratory birds, which often use this open area as a stopover on their journeys.

2. Müggelsee: A Waterfowl Extravaganza

Müggelsee, Berlin’s largest lake, is a prime location for spotting waterfowl. Take a leisurely stroll along its shores or go boating to catch sight of swans, grebes, and perhaps even a majestic osprey hunting for fish.

3. Moorlinse Buch: Year-Round Birding Delight

The Moorlinse – Lietzengraben – Karower Teiche loop is a treat for bird watchers throughout the year. Whether you visit in spring to witness songbird migrations or in winter to spot waterfowl, this area offers a wealth of avian diversity.

4. Landschaftspark Rudow-Altglienicke: Untamed Beauty

This expansive park, located in the southeastern part of Berlin, offers untamed natural beauty and diverse birdlife. Be sure to explore its meadows, wetlands, and forests to encounter a range of bird species.

5. Great Bustards in Western Berlin

If you’re looking for something truly special, head west of Berlin, where you can find the only populations of Great Bustards in Germany. These remarkable birds are an exciting find for bird enthusiasts.

6. Gülper See: A Day Trip Adventure

Venture outside the city to Gülper See, a serene lake that attracts thousands of geese during migration. Accessible by public transport, it’s an excellent day trip option.

7. Nationalpark Unteres Odertal: A Nature Lover’s Dream

This national park offers a direct train connection to Schwedt, where you can explore the vast wetlands and their diverse avian inhabitants. Walk or use the local bus to delve deeper into this natural wonder.

8. Rietzer See/Streng: Worth the Journey

While transportation to Rietzer See/Streng can be a bit tricky, the rich birdlife makes it worth the effort. Keep an eye out for geese and other migrating birds.

9. Linum: A Must-Visit for Bird Enthusiasts

Linum is famous for its annual crane migration spectacle, where thousands of cranes gather in the surrounding fields. Witness this breathtaking phenomenon up close.

10. Victoria Park: A Hidden Gem in Kreuzberg

Victoria Park in Kreuzberg is a small yet diverse area, perfect for a quick bird-watching session. Despite its size, it boasts a wide variety of bird species.

Remember to check the local bird-watching groups and events, as well as guided walks offered by Volkshochschule, to make the most of your bird-watching experience in Berlin. Whether you’re a seasoned birder or just beginning to explore the avian world, Berlin and its surroundings have something remarkable to offer.

Happy bird watching!

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