Booka Local seeks to provide affordable service to the internationals, hoping that everyone who faces language barrier gets the help they need. We need funding in order to:

– keep Booka Local running

– expand to more German cities

– provide pro bono service to victims of sexual assaults who need language-related support

You will be directed to our GoFundMe page.

Get matched with a helper in minutes

Get matched with a helper in minutes

match with a helper by location

Match with a helper by location

less stress with language barrier

Never have to worry about language barrier again

cancelation refund

Get full refund if cancelled 24 hours before the appointment

booka local app coming soon
book translator berlin
My helper communicated with the Hausverwaltung for me. It was so difficult for me before as they do not speak English. Danke!
foreigner relocation service translation berlin web
Suki C.
Frontend Developer | Hong Kong
My helper showed up on time and he translated everything I said to the handyman. Big help indeed, and thanks!
Eirik foreigner interpretation berlin
Eirik R.
Photographer | Norway
The helper helped me big time! Esp I have a hard time learning German and going through the bureaucracy!
phone call german translation interpretation
S. H.
Freelancer | Korean

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