Student Internship Contest

Complete challenges and win a chance to get an internship with us!

Limited places. Sign up before 7. October 2021!

Tailored for ambitious students

Enjoy flexibility

You can balance your time by choosing between tasks that fit in with your schedule. This way you can focus on your studies and complete tasks in your free time.


As you collect more credit points, the rewards get better! You can get the opportunity to do an internship with us, depending on the quality of your work. We will also offer awards to the best performing students in different areas.

Expand your network

You will get to meet a lot of new people during our events, including other students and the Booka Local team. Your time here is sure to be well spent!

Important Dates

Are you a student looking for an internship? Here is an opportunity to get one!

The 3-month contest enables you to complete various tasks from social media challenges to organising events, all while competing with your peers. With an internship offer based on how well you perform, this sounds like such a great chance if you need an internship required by your degree program! Another exciting news is that as you complete each new level with a certain amount of credit points, we’ll reward your hard work by giving out awesome prizes like gift cards, party sponsorship, GoPros, etc.


Tasks and Challenges

TasksandChallenges community

Community Building

Creating and organizing meetups

TasksandChallenges workshop


Becoming both leaders and participants

Tasks and Challenges meeting


Joining our regular meetings and brainstorming sessions

TasksandChallenges Events


Planning, organizing & inviting

TasksandChallenges social media

Social Media

Enhancing our social media presence

TasksandChallenges sales

Boost Bookings

Getting people in your personal network to try Booka Local



faq sec img
Yes, you have to be enrolled at a university to be able to participate.
Students should be based in Berlin or in other cities/towns near Berlin so that they can join us for events and offline marketing.
Full flexibility is what we offer to our students. You can participate as much as you want. But the more you participate, the more credit points you receive, and thus, the better the reward.
Do not worry, we are here to guide you throughout the whole contest. After you’re selected, you will receive all the details about your next steps from us.
After signing up, we will interview you in the next couple of days and then decide if you are selected or not.
You get to enjoy full flexibility with us. You can do the tasks whenever you want to. You have time from 15th October 2021 till 15th January 2022.
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