Germany’s 9-euro ticket: Things you need to know

GOOD NEWS! After long negotiations, Germany finally agreed to allow the 9-euro ticket to go into effect on June 1, 2022. Summer, a ticket to explore the whole of Germany at only 9 euro per month, what else do we need? Here’s some things expats in Germany need know about the 9-euro ticket!


What is the 9-euro ticket all about?

To help consumers cope with the rising cost of energy in Germany, the federal government announced last month that it would be offering discounts on monthly public transport passes for three months. During the period between the beginning of June and end of August, it is possible to purchase the special passes, valid until one calendar month each, at just 9 euros per pass.

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How exactly is the 9-euro ticket valid?

The ticket will be valid on all forms of public transport across Germany, including buses, U-Bahns, S-Bahns, trams, and local and regional trains. With the 9-euro ticket you can use these forms of transport nationwide except the long-distance transport services, such as ICE, IC and EC trains run by Deutsche Bahn, and FlixTrains and FlixBuses which are are not covered.

You can’t issue a ticket for a specific date. It will always be issued for that month. For example, if you buy a ticket at the beginning of June, it will only be good until the end of June. You will then need to buy a new ticket for July. To make the most out of the offer, it’s best to book your tickets as soon as possible.

Are there refunds for monthly passes?

Individual transport operators will automatically reduce their monthly subscriptions by 9 euros, or they’ll pay back the difference in subsequent months.

Transport operators are also looking into different ways to reimburse their passengers for their monthly passes and other tickets. Students might also get their semester tickets refunded.

When will the 9-euro ticket be available?

To ensure everyone has enough tickets, transport associations in some German cities plan to start a pre-sale as soon as May. The federal government is working on an online ticketing system for people to purchase their tickets. They will also most likely be sold through traditional sales channels, including from ticket machines and mobile phone applications.

Can dogs travel for free?

Unfortunately, the 9-Euro-ticket cannot be used as a ticket for dogs, but you can buy a regular ticket for dogs. You can bring a dog with you in line with transport associations’ regulations. For example, some bus companies charge an extra fee if you bring your dog on board. Similar to guide dogs and assistance dogs, pets are covered by transport associations’ regulations. Learn more about places you can take your dog to in Germany here!

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