Can I visit my family in my home country

Can I now travel to my home country? Any restrictions?

Living abroad is fun and exciting, but we all get homesick every now and then. The current pandemic makes traveling abroad very hard, as you will need to consider many more aspects and restriction before departure than any of us are used to. You should not have to guess if your home country is open for travel and rather you will be able to get back to Germany. That is why the following checklist will provide you with helpful insights about the current restrictions of travelling abroad and where to find them.

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What to do before visiting your home country:

  1. Determine the importance of your trip: Generally, the government recommends avoiding any unnecessary travelling. 
  2. Check if there are flights available (Some destinations currently offer very few flights, before spending time on research, find out if a flight in the desired timeframe would be available.)
  3. Check the regulations and measurements from the country you want to travel to. See what requirements the countries have regarding entry, testing, and quarantine (Important: Make sure if you have to quarantine, you plan enough time in your final destination. If the quarantine has to take place in a hotel, make sure to carefully plan the costs, to avoid bad surprises later on.) This information you will find on the countries website of foreign affairs or similar.
  4. Check if the country you are travelling to is on the RKI list of high risk areas: Information on the designation of international risk areas (PDF, 332 KB, Datei ist nicht barrierefrei) 
  5. Check what regulations you will have to follow when traveling back to Germany (This will depend on the risk classification in 3. of your destination: Corona Travel Restrictions Germany
  6. Check your health insurance / Travel health insurance, especially during the pandemic it is very important to have a health insurance that has your back while you are travelling. Make sure the insurance is up to date and covers corona related treatments. 

Anything to add about the restrictions of travelling abroad? Feel free to leave us a comment!

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